Many people believe certain animals play a significant Feng Shui role in bringing good luck and fortune. These Feng Shui animals should be at the corresponding sectors in your home for the specific intentions you want to attract in life.

In this article, we will cover only the earthly animals, NOT the celestial ones (Pixiu, dragon and Phoenix, etc) .

Feng Shui Animals Symbols with Auspicious Meanings

1. Crane

Crane is widely known as the symbol of long life and wisdom. It is believed that placing one in the health sector of the east can help to encourage good health and protect against illness.

2. Deer

The Chinese word deer sound phonetically like “Luk” that means wealth and abundance. It is also an emblem of longevity, so placing this symbol in the health (east) sector encourages good health.

3. Elephant
In many Asian countries or culture, an elephant is being one of the most auspicious sacred symbol. You can display this symbol in your home to bring good luck, fertility, longevity, wisdom, strength, success, and many more. Position one or more elephants facing north can help to aid in career advancement. If you are looking to attract a new love, place it in the southwest.

4. Horse

Horse is one of the good luck and powerful symbol widely known to bring fame, recognition and success in career and business. It is a perfect choice as a decoration for an office. You can place this lucky symbol in the fame and recognition sector (south) or career sector (north) of your home or house. It is best to choose a galloping one, symbolising striving for victory.

5. Mandarin Duck

It is a common practice to use a pair of mandarin duck as a representation of a blissful marriage. They can be placed in the southwest sector of the house or bedroom to enhance marriage and romance luck.

6. Monkey

Monkey, as a Chinese Zodiac animal, is being known as a symbol of creativity and intelligence. It is often depicted riding the back of a horse or elephant (马上封侯/象上封侯) as a Feng Shui ornament. It symbolises gaining promotion and fame, so it is good to be placed in the career and fame sector to enhance the area in life.

7. Rabbit

The rabbit is believed to help in enhancing your peach blossom luck for singles to welcome your new love into your life. If you are currently in a relationship, it can bring engagement and marriage.

rhino in the wild

8. Rhinoceros

The blue rhinoceros is a widely used Feng Shui symbol for protection to ward off robbery and accidents. It is often used to counter the flying star #7 – The Robbery star.

9. Rooster

This rooster symbol is a popular cure to peck away backstabber in your office. You can place it at home to counter against 3rd party interference in a relationship or marriage.

10. Sheep / Goat

This animal is a symbol of compassion and nurturing that is closely knitted with family harmony. If you wish to attract harmonious energy of love, place this symbol in the southwest sector to improve relationship or in the west for descendent luck.

11. Tiger

The tiger is a symbol of courage and leadership that is best suited to be placed at the office desk, especially in the north sector. It is not recommended to be positioned at home because of the aggressive energy.

12. Tortoise/Turtle

Turtle is well known to promote longevity and good health, so you can use it in the east sector. For tortoise that is depicted to carry baby tortoise, it can enhance descendent luck too.

In conclusion, don’t be overwhelmed by this comprehensive list of lucky Feng Shui animals. Always remember that balance is the key to invite good energy and positive vibe into your working or living space. So don’t clutter or overload the space with these animals’ figurine, just bring in 1 or 2 will be good enough. The most important key to good Feng Shui is that you must love these animal figurines.



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