As one of the oldest civilisation in the world, the Chinese has many traditions and superstitions passed down over the generations. They are the things you cannot do during pregnancy, moving house ritual, wedding taboos and many more other that you can ever think of.

One of the most popular one is the Chinese superstition when buying a house. If you belong to the group who does not believe in these superstitions, it can be a great opportunity to buy a property at a huge discount.

Chinese Superstitions When Buying a House That You Should Know

1. Strong Belief in Lucky and Unlucky Numbers

The Chinese loves lucky number eight because it sounds like wealth and prosperity. A unit with the more eights fetches a higher price, for example, #08-888 or any auspicious number combination like #01-68. They believed it brings them good fortune if they purchase the house. This practice does not just stop at house number, it is also used in car and hand phone number.

In contrast, they shy away from unlucky number like four because it sounds like the word “die” which is inauspicious to most people. If you are just looking for a cheap unit, unit with unlucky numbers like #04-444, #01-74 might work out for you.

However, some people also believed that 13 is bad luck too. If you have noticed, some hotels or building have purposely skipped the level 13 or 4 in the lift system.

2. Bring Babies Along During House Hunting

The Chinese believed babies have the abilities to sense or detect any paranormal activity in the house. Once their choice are shortlisted, they will bring along a baby to visit the house. If the baby keeps crying non-stop when he is in the house, it means that there is something weird going on.

3. No Property Purchase in Lunar 7th Month – The Ghost Festival

The Hungry Ghost month is one of the most important festival that the Chinese show their respect for their ancestors and wandering spirit with offerings. There are many superstitions and taboos surrounding this ghost month and one of them is to avoid buying house in this month.

It is believed that doing so will bring bad luck to the new occupant of the house. However, you can still go for house viewing in the daytime but avoid signing of any contract. If you are non believer of such superstitions, you might pick up a good property with better discount.

4. Avoid Living Near Places of Yin Energy

Some people consider it is a “grave” mistake to buy a house near or facing a cemetery/graveyard, columbarium or hospital? These places create Yin energy and too much of it can cause human health to deteriorate, hence it is not a suitable place to stay.

5. Looking Out For Surroundings

When you are choosing a house, it is advisable to look at the surrounding trees or plants. If it is dying or withering, it might hint that the energy embracing the house is unfavorable to stay in.

Apart from these superstitions, you should also learn about the Feng Shui house buying tips to get a good one.



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