We all know that bringing the right plants into the home, or office space has many benefits. They help to purify the air, add a beauty for visual aesthetic and also increase our productivity.

Besides these advantages, are you aware that certain lucky plant or flower can attract good luck and invite positivity into the space? One of the most popular flower is peace lily (百合), also known as Spathiphyllum.

1. What Does a Peace Lily Symbolize?

With its blooming white flowers, the peace lily is closely associated with symbolism like purity, peace and prosperity. 

Some Feng Shui practitioners believed that placing a peace lily at home can help in eliminating negative energy and converting them into positive vibes.

2. How Does It Benefit in Feng Shui?

It is believed to enhance the romance luck for the singletons. If you are looking for a partner, you can place this flower in the love/relationship sector, based on the Bagua map.

Since it is a lucky symbol of prosperity and abundance, it is good to place a peace lily on your working desk. It brings good energy and also helps you better focus.

3. Where Should I Place a Peace Lily in My House?

Peace lily flower possess a strong fragrance and once they are in full bloom, the room will be filled with fragrance. Many people like to place them in the living room, balcony and other places. So where is the best place for peace lilies?

It is recommended to place the peace lily in the living hall because the flower has a strong floral fragrance and adds an elegant touch to the overall home decor. Besides that, it can also bring vitality and positivity to the space. It can freshen the air, but you need to pay attention to the ventilation. This is because peace lily has large pollen and can cause allergies to some people.

4. Can I Place The Flower in the Balcony?

Asides from Feng Shui, it is not suitable in places in your house that has direct sunlight. Unless you have a shady balcony, if not, remove it away in order for it to survive better. Besides that, it is best to keep peace lily and other plants from air con vents or dehumidifiers.

5. Is Peace Lily Good For Bedroom?

You should avoid placing peace lilies in the bedroom. From a health point of view, the fragrance contains a trace of stimulant and is bad for health. If it is inhaled for a long time, it will stimulate the central nervous system and cause mental excitement. It will affect our sleep at night, so do not put one in the bedroom.



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