It might sound funny or even strange to apply Feng Shui principles to your car. However, if you think about it, Feng Shui is all about creating good energy around you. So if you spend time in your car, this is the space we must take care to boost positive energy too. The basics of car Feng Shui is the same as the home Feng Shui. Let’s go through these 5 simple and straightforward guidelines to boost good Chi in the vehicle.

1. Keep your Car Interior Spick and Span

Regardless of where you are, your home, office and car, clutter is the number 1 enemy to Feng Shui. Always attempt to clean up the stuff in your car that you do not need and use anymore. Clutter builds up negative and stagnant energy over time. It can create depression and tension, so keeping your car free of clutter will boost good Chi in the space.

2. Clean Your Car Windows Frequently

Ensure that you clean your windows regularly. If there is a crack in your windscreen, regardless of how small or big it is, you must repair it immediately. Why? Windows represent our eyes, so if you are driving a car with cracked or broken windows, you will have a blurred and cracked vision toward the future.

3. Bring in Good Scent into The Car

Sometimes, we might have foul or weird odour inside the car, so bringing in an air freshener is good. Besides bringing an excellent smelling scent, it also helps you enjoy your drive.

4. Choosing a Good license number is a good start

It is good to select those with auspicious representations when choosing your license plate number. Here are some number tips from some Feng Shui experts:

1Good Luck
2Easy money or earning even when sleeping
6The Road To / Good Luck
8Prosperity and Abundance
9Doubling the Good Fortune

That is why the Chinese love the number “168”, which implies “Good Luck road to double prosperity.” But sometimes, it might not be easy to get the numbers you want, so don’t fret. To remedy it, you can get a “168” stick and paste it on your car plate to revert the bad luck.

5. Do Not Place Stuffed Toys Of Fierce Animal or Sharp Objects

If you are a fan of toys of snakes, tigers, lions or any other wild beast, keep them away from your car too. They attract negative vibes that symbolise death and killing. You can avoid hanging sharp and pointed ornaments, like swords etc.

6. Place Auspicious Ornaments in Your Car For Good Luck

If you love to decorate your car with a lucky charm, choose those symbols that are favourable to you. It is closely associated with the Chinese animal zodiac compatibility. For example, avoid tiger-like decor for those belonging to the monkey zodiac, and the list goes on. Refer to the table below for the compatibility table.

Your ZodiacCompatible Zodiac
RatMonkey, Dragon
OxSnake, Rooster
TigerHorse, Dog
RabbitGoat, Pig
DragonRat, Monkey
SnakeOx, Rooster
HorseTiger, Dog
GoatRabbit, Pig
MonkeyRat, Dragon
RoosterOx, Snake
DogTiger, Horse
PigRabbit, Goat

Believe it or not, Feng Shui exists. So pick up these tips and apply them to boost the good Chi to your car.



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