The beginning of the new year always inspires us to come out with resolution and goal. We want changes and improvements in every aspect of our lives. The most common ones are financial, career, love but have you thought about bringing more happiness into your life?

In a Chinese culture that is rich in symbolism, we can bring in these positive and auspicious vibes using symbols of happiness. When we see these symbols, it reminds us of our aspirations and intention in this upcoming year.

What Are The Symbols of Happiness That Make People Happy?

Undoubtedly, it is the universal natural smile that brings the most happiness. It is contiguous and will make everyone around happy too. However, it might be hard for us to stay happy at all times. We can use physical objects with such symbolism to keep us connected with happiness.

1. Double Happiness – Blissful Union

This Chinese calligraphic character is undoubtedly a symbol filled with happiness. It literally translates to “Double Happiness” It comprises the combination of 2 Chinese characters “喜”, usually in red or gold color. You always see that as decoration in wedding events to bring up the joyful mood.

Field of sunflowers. Composition of nature.

2. Sunflower – Radiating Joy and Happiness

A sunflower is a symbol of happiness and positivity that can uplift someone’s mood by just looking at it. It is an ideal gift for important milestones in our life. It can be graduations, celebration for new born and new business venture to signify a happy beginning.

3. Lucky Bamboo – The Fortune Plant That Brings Wealth and Cheers

The bamboo is another popular selection to bring good luck and happiness. You can usually see people buying these lucky bamboo as home decor during the Chinese New Year period. This is because they hope this lucky plant will bring them a happy and lucky year ahead.

You can find them in a different number of stalks that have their own meaning behind it. If you are looking for happiness, stalk of 5 is the one to choose.

4. Magpie – The Bird of Happiness

Birds have rich symbolism in the Chinese culture and some of them come along with an auspicious meaning. Magpie (Xi Que – 喜鹊  in Chinese) is the bird to choose if you are seeking for happiness in life. It is closely associated with joy and love.

Some people believe that if magpie is nesting in your house, it symbolises good luck is coming. However, in our modern living, it is practically hard to see such phenomenon, so people choose to buy magpie ornament as home decoration. They usually come in a pair facing each other, because it symbolizes double happiness.

5. Laughing Buddha – Spreading Happiness and Abundance

From the name itself, you might already figure out that this symbol brings happiness and contentment. There are many versions or postures of laughing Buddha. If you are looking for joy, choose the one carrying a sack. It is believed that he will fill the sack with your burdens and take it away.

6. The Mysterious Mystic Knot – Bring Infinite Happiness

This mystic knot combines 6 infinity symbols with no ending knot. It symbolizes endless good luck and happiness. You can commonly find this popular knot depicted with popular Feng Shui products like Ru Yi scepter, Chinese coins and many others. During the Chinese new year period, it can also be found in most of the decorations.

In conclusion, if you are a lover for such lucky symbols, it is important not to over-clutter. The right balance is the key to create a harmonious and happy environment to live or work in.



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