If you have ever received a gift or souvenir from someone that has just come back from Turkey, it must be the Evil Eye Charm. This Turkish evil eye amulet, also called Nazar, is very common and prominent in Turkey and its surrounding countries. This symbol is growing increasingly popular in the western/ but not in the Asian countries. So before you throw it away or tuck it somewhere, read on to know the meaning, use and significance behind this unique protective symbol.

Where to Place The Evil Eye In The House For Protection?

The Evil Eye is a symbol of protection that many people use to overcome specific Feng Shui challenges in the house with proper placement.

You can place the Evil Eye at the main door or windows to guard against negative energy or deflect any Sha Qi outside the house. It works similarly to the Ba Gua Mirror. Besides that, people believe that it can help to ward off evil spirits, so the symbol is best displayed at the main entrance door

Where do you place the evil eye charm in the office?

Evil Eye charm is also well-reputed to protect you against harm from people with ill intentions. That includes jealous friends, colleagues and competitors that want to put you down. Display one on your working table in the office to mitigate this situation. It also protects you from anyone that does not have genuinely good intentions.

What is The Benefit of Wearing an Evil Eye Bracelet or Jewellery?

Some people even believe that it is a good luck symbol and wear it as a necklace or bracelet, or bring it in their bag/wallet to attract good fortune. In addition, it is a perfect gift for those who have had bad luck for a while because it guards against bad things from happening in one’s life.

Young girl tourist walking in the old souvenir market in Istanbul, Turkey

What is the meaning when your evil eye bracelet breaks suddenly?

Don’t fret when your evil eye bracelet breaks because it might be good for you. An evil eye symbol is a protective amulet designed to shield you from evil. So if it got broken out of a sudden, it symbolises that the evil eye amulet has helped block something harmful from coming to you. Apart from that, it also protects your body, mind and soul from getting damaged by external forces with bad intentions.

Can I Hang The Evil Eye Charm in the Car?

Place the symbol to protect your valuable, whether a new car, house, mobile phone. You can also hang it in vehicles to protect against harmful influences and increase your travel luck.

Evil Eye Color Meaning Chart

Each colour of the Evil Eye has a specific meaning and symbolism. So remember to get the right one for your friends or your own.



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