If you want to enjoy a good and rejuvenating sleep at night, bedroom Feng Shui plays an important role. The bed itself is the key to the complete puzzle. Its placement and orientation can either improve the Chi energy flow or disrupt it. It can cause your health and fortune to deteriorate if not properly handled.

The best location to place a bed for good Feng Shui is the command position. It is the location with a solid wall behind you and also allows you to see who is coming in. However, there are also some things that we do not wish to see when lying on the bed. They can drain your energy and create a space that is hard to rest, leading to sleepless nights.

1. Sleep With Leg Facing Room Door Is Bad Feng Shui Layout

It is a well-known Feng Shui taboo to position your bed facing the room door. We called this layout as the coffin position and is inauspicious with your feet facing the door. It resembles how the dead people are carried through the door. In addition, the rushing Chi will also hit the person on the bed that can cause sleepless nights and eventually affect the health. The best solution is, of course, shifting your bed to another location. You can add a foot board to block the gushing energy if the suggested solution is not achievable.

2. Bed Facing a Mirror

You might have heard many people advising against placing your bed facing a mirror. There are many versions of reasoning and belief surrounding this topic.

In the aspect of Feng Shui, some practitioners believe this setup brings a third party intervention into your relationship. This is because mirror double any energy and that includes romance and love.

Anyone sleeping in such configuration will have insomnia because it deplete your personal energy. The energy bouncing off the mirror disrupts the calm environment that is required for a good beauty sleep.

There is also a belief that when we sleep, our soul will come out of our body. If the soul gets startled, you might get bad dreams or nightmare.

Looking from the perspective of science, the reflection of yourself when waking up might startle you. Any slight movement that is reflected in the mirror can also distract you from getting a good sleep.

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3. Bed Facing A Window Crete Bad Feng Shui

You should avoid sleeping with your leg facing the windows if the layout configuration or space allows that. This is because the external environment factors like light, wind etc coming into the room will disrupt your sleep. It can also cause the person to fall ill easily because of the chilly wind. However, it does not pose much issue if the distance between the window and the bed is far apart.

If you have no choice due to space constraints, overcome it by using curtains to cover the windows. Alternatively, you can also use tinted windows sheet to reduce the amount of light shining in.

4. Bed Facing Wall Corner Or Sharp Corners of Furniture is Not Beneficial

Watch out for poison arrows that are pointed towards your bed. The wall corners or sharp edges can create it from the furniture in the bedroom. The energy that is from these sharp corners is unfavourable for the one sleeping on the bed. Eventually, it can negatively affect your health and love relationship.

The best solution is to shift your bed or furniture to avoid the sharp edge pointing directly towards you. Alternatively, you can cover the sharp edge of the furniture with a nice soft drape fabric.

5. No Privacy When Bed Facing House Main Door

This layout is not uncommon for studio apartment that only has a bedroom that can be seen from outside. In such situation, there is no privacy and you will feel unsecured. Shift your bed away to a position where people cannot see you from the outside. If possible, you can consider placing a divider screen between the main door and the bed for privacy.

6. Bed Facing Directly Towards The Bathroom 

The bathroom is a space filled with filth and negative energy, so it is not advisable to place your bed facing towards it. It can lead to poor health condition and affect the fortune.  Again, the best solution is to shift the bed to another location. If this is not workable, you can either choose to place a divider in between or cover it with a door curtain. Always keep the bathroom door whenever not in use. 

7. Bed Facing TV Harms Your Health and Relationship

Some Feng Shui practitioners advice against having a TV in the bedroom. There are a few reasons TV should be out of the bedroom.

Similar to mirror, TV can also reflect and magnify energy that might disturb your sleep quality. Besides that, TV and other electronic devices also emit EMF that can be harmful to one’s in the long run. 

Let’s put Feng Shui aside. It also affects your relationship as the program on the TV distracts you from connecting with your loved ones. 

If you want to have a TV in the bedroom, it is good to cover it when not in use. Some people even went to the extent to build a cabinet to conceal the TV inside the door.



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