In some Feng Shui practices, people treat and use crystals as enhancers to attract good luck and energy. There are many types and patterns for you to choose from, ranging from the faceted, cluster, pointed, geode, or sphere. This article will cover more insights on the crystal point.

If you have a standing crystal with a single-pointed tip, it is also known as the generator. It is an ideal tool to help to enhance focus and clarity of intention. You can use different materials of crystal for specified use. Here is a list of the type of crystals and how you can use them based on your intention.

Different Types and Uses of Crystal Point

Purple AmethystBring wisdom and spiritual enlightenment to individualIt can also help to improve health luck if placed in the east sector of your house
CitrineAttract wealth, abundance, good fortune and prosperity luck, especially in enhancing indirect or windfall luck.i) Place in the Southeast sector to improve income luck and wealth luck
ii) Place the Citrine Ball in the cashier area of your business to attract more business luck
iii) Place it in the wealth area of your home living room
Tiger EyeIt aids in dispersing negative energies that is disturbing your current home or office environmentPlace on your desk to counter evil forces in the office, such as backstabbing, problematic management and complaints.
LabradoriteIt aid in improving mental health by reducing stress, reckless or impulsive behaviour that might lead to troubles. It can also be used in the workspace for good relationship luck.Place on your work desk to improve your relationship luck to help in your career progression.
Black ObsidianIt can be use for protection against bad intention and ward off evil spirits. Beside that, it can also absorbs or repels negative energiesPlace in the centre of the whole house
Rose QuartzThis crystal is best known to enhance romance energies and also improve fertility lucki)Place it next to your bedside
ii) Good for general use, especially in South West and West
Clear QuartzIt help to attract love, wealth and good luck. This stone is also believed to repel distractions to improve focus.It also help act as a remedy for situation that your sofa, stove, bed or study is under an above head beam.
Green AventurineTo heal the mental distraction like anger, stress and other emotional problemTo place it on your working desk in the office or at home

Crystal point is also the right fit for spiritual practice or creating a healing space. For example, you can hold the quartz point in your hand during meditation and display it on your desk when working or at your bedside at night to benefit from its healing energy.



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