Amethyst geode cave is a popular Feng Shui enhancer in the Asian Chinese countries. It has been widely used to create and gather positive energy vibes in the house. Most of the amethyst caves that are available in the commercial market today originate from Brazil and Uruguay.

Amethyst comes in various forms, for example, sphere, cathedral (most people refer to it as a geode cave), slice, cluster or crystal points. In this article we will be covering information mainly on the amethyst geode cave.

Amethyst Geode Cave Use in Feng Shui Practices

1. It is being used to activate the auspicious flying star #8 (prosperity star) to bring good luck and fortune to the household.

2. You can position it behind your sitting position at home or office to symbolize a mountain that brings protection and good support from benefactors.

3. Position the amethyst geode cave in the Northeast sector of your house to boost scholastic luck.

4. Display it in the living room to attract good luck, but avoid placing the cave in the bedroom. The overwhelming energy might affect sleep quality. If you want to place amethyst in the bedroom, it is best to use an amethyst slice instead.

5. You can also use an amethyst cave to cleanse other crystals too.

If you are planning to get one for your house or office, it is good to know the selection criteria to pick the best one. Fundamentally speaking, the valuation of the amethyst geode cave depends on the following selection principles.

How to Choose Amethyst Geode Cave in the Right Way?

1. Color does matter – Bring along a torch light and shine it on the crystal for clarity. The depth of the color tone affect the grading, meaning that the deeper the color, the better quality it is.

2. Check the depth of the cavity inside the Amethyst geode. The deeper the the space, it has a better capability to accumulate good qi.

3. Choose the Shape based on Feng Shui 5 elements. It can be located in specific sectors of the house for lacking or enhancing purposes. You can also choose the shape using your own personal Bazi element.

Different shape represent specific element:

  • Fire element: Triangular, pointed top
  • Earth element: Rectangular or squarish
  • Metal element: Round or sphere
  • Wood element: Towering, tall and straight
  • Water element: Irregular and unfixed shape

4. Weight and size also determine the value of the amethyst geode and in the market, the price is determined by the weight.

5. Check for impurity because you will find a variety of minerals (citrine or calcite) have developed inside the cavity. Those with citrine quartz are believed to boost and magnify the wealth luck of the owner.

6. It should feel cold when you touch it.

Most importantly, you must love it. You should also believe in your intuition and feel when choosing the amethyst geode cave.



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