Chinese new year is just around the corner and many people has already started spring cleaning the house and decorate the house with auspicious symbols to promote the festive atmosphere and ready to welcome the new year with open arms. One of the most popular favourite decor is the lantern, but do you know how to hang the Chinese new year lanterns in the correct way to invite good luck? Here are the list for your reference.

1. Do not re-use the lantern

If you have heard this before from your parents or the elderly, we should not re-use the lantern from the past years. In Chinese tradition, it is believed that lantern should be thrown away after use for good luck.

2. Do not hang just one lantern

The Chinese always say “Good things come in a pair” so it is the same for hanging the lanterns to embrace this auspicious meaning

3. Hang at the correct position

The chinese new year lantern should be hang at both side of the door and positioned at the correct sectors

Favourable sector: South /Southwest/Northeast

Unfavourable sector: North because it belongs to the water element and might clash with the fire element of the lantern.

4. Must be symmetrically aligned

Make sure that both lantern are properly aligned at the same height and distance apart.

5. Lantern must be in red color

Red is always considered the most auspicious and lucky color in the Chinese tradition, so if you have a red lantern hanging at your door steps, it symbolise “鸿(红)运当头“, meaning that good luck is coming with many opportunities knocking at your door.

6. Do not hang at the center of the door

Our main door is the mouth of chi, if you hang the lantern at the center, it obstruct the positive chi to flow in and prevent the negative chi to flow out.

Can’t imagine that a simple chinese new year lantern has so many things to pay attention too? Don’t wait, share this article with your friends and loved ones now.



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