The position of your work desk plays an important role in creating good Feng Shui. It also symbolises your career and business opportunities so you must place it in good strategic place, commonly known as the command position. This rule applies everywhere regardless if you are in your work office, cubicle or even if you are working from home.

There are some locations to avoid if it is possible. One of them is sitting with your desk facing the window. Are you currently seated in such position now?

Why Sitting with Facing the window is not Desirable?

It is good to have windows to be on your side, instead of the front. It is tempting to place your work desk facing the window because you can enjoy the scenery outside, if you have one. However, you might get easily distracted by any movement outside the windows and might delay in getting your work done on time.

It will even be worse if you are facing a sharp corner of a building, neighbouring air con compressors and others that create poison arrows pointing directly at you.

In addition, if you are facing the windows, you will have eyestrain or discomfort caused by the glare of the natural light.

What if I Can Only Sit Facing the Window?

If you have no other choice but to place your desk in such a position, then pull down the curtains or blinds while you are working. This will help you concentrate and focus better on your work.

If you like to have an empowering workspace,  follow these tips:

  1. Always have your back supported by a solid wall.
  2. You should be able to see the entrance from where you sit.
  3. Avoid locating your desk directly facing the entry door.
  4. Do not sit facing the wall or windows.
  5. Ensure that you are not sitting facing any sharp corners of pillars or other structures.

These tips can create a good Feng Shui  working space and uplift your productivity and focus.



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