Eagles are regarded as the king of the birds that rule the sky. In new age Feng Shui, this eagle symbol represents freedom, triumph and success, thus it is widely used by business owners in their office for this victorious and auspicious meaning.

That is the reason you always see this eagle symbol in paintings, display figurine and even company logo.

This eagle symbol is usually depicted with spreading of wings. It symbolizes courage to achieve breakthrough and strength to soar above hardships and win over obstacles. In Chinese, it also has an auspicious phrase attached which is “大展鸿途”, meaning soaring career and bringing business into new heights.

The eagle is also known for its sharp and long-term vision. That made it a good option to gift those who are in the leadership or management position.

Where To Place This Eagle Symbol For Good Luck and Success?

1. It is good to place eagle symbol near to entrances of the premise so that it can watch over the space and offer protection against harmful energies. Besides that, it also opens doors to opportunities.

2. You can also place the eagle symbol on your working desk

3. Place it in the south sector that represents fame and recognition to improve career luck and get approved for your hard work.

4. Avoid placing it in your bedroom, children’s room, bathroom, altar area or kitchen.

5. If you are planning to hang a painting of an eagle, it is good to place it in the living hall or in office. Pay attention to the direction of the head facing. It should face outwards of the house, instead on inwards.

6. If your house is only for residence purpose, it is preferred to avoid having any ferocious animals, like tiger, lion and even eagles’ statue or painting at home. They are believed to cause disharmony and conflict in the household. Hence, the eagle symbol is more suitable to be placed in the office space.



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