Dzi bead is a prominent Feng Shui symbol of protection and good fortune. It is a gemstone that is originated from Tibet and the Himalayan mountains thousands many years ago. Many people wear them as part of a fashion accessory like the necklace or Feng Shui bracelet and also for good luck.

In the Chinese society, it is widely known as “Heaven’s Beads 天珠” and is believed to bring positive divine benefit to the owner. That is the reason they are often used for protective talisman or amulet. It possesses the abilities to safeguard its wearer from negative energy.

Decoding the Meaning Behind Each Dzi Bead Patterns

Number of Eye Dzi BeadUse and Stand For
1It stands for enhancing one’s wisdom and bringing hope/happiness into your life.
2Encourage harmony between married couple, improving career luck and fostering good relationships with others.
3It bring happiness, honour, and promote longevity.
4Purification and aids in overcoming negativity and obstacles in life.
5It aids one in getting whatever he/she desires, so it is a very popular bead that is highly sought for. It give Endless happiness and attracting wealth luck in 5 directions.
6Remove unhappiness and miseries in life
7Aids one to achieve fame and reputation, career advancement, wealth, relationship, and health & long life.
8It helps to avert calamities and safeguard against catastrophes.
9Ultimate piece that help its owner to enhance Wealth luck, health, authority and also protection
10Help to removes obstructions in career advancement and improve relationship with your spouse.
11Eradicate e one’s evil intention that lead to having a peace of the heart and mind.
12Empowers one with the strength to exceed their expectations and achieve fame and recognition.
13Enable one to communicate with their late ancestors
14Assist to clear the mind from clutter and karma issues
15Enhance wisdom for the wearer and seeks for Heaven’s Luck
16Bring joy and happiness to life and eliminate sadness and sorrow
17Build your self-esteem and appear more confident.
18Guard against obsessions and pressure
19Allow the owner to manifest and fulfil the necessary things in his/her life
21Fulfil all your desire to the maximum, combine the elements of all other beads into one.

What Are The Dzi Bead Do’s and Don’ts?

1. You should wear it on the body, for example, hand, neck, leg, waist, etc. This is because it can sense and harmonize with the natural surrounding energy field around your body.

2. Treat it with respect by removing it before engaging in any intimate activities.

3. If it is broken, remove and replace it immediately.

4. If you have an altar at home, it will be good to place the Dzi bead there for the blessing too.

5. Do not lend it to other people or allow them to touch at will.

6. It is a good practice to wear them frequently because it can allow the beads to interact with the magnetic field of your body.

In conclusion, you must take good care of your Dzi bead and believe in it without doubt. It will eventually bring you good fortune.



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