Jade is one of the most popular gemstones that is believed to bring good luck to its owner. Similar to good luck symbols like a horseshoe, four-leaf clover, fortune cat, jade bracelet is also considered as a lucky charm.

Besides that, jade also has a protective energy that can guard against the evil. That’s the reason you can see many Feng Shui ornaments, like pixiu are made of jade.

In Chinese culture, there is a tradition of giving and blessing a newborn baby with a jade bangle. In recent years, it has been a trend to use jade in jewelry like bracelets, bangles, rings, necklaces, and other accessories.

Things To Know When Owning a Jade Bracelet

Which hand should I wear the jade bracelet?

It is common to see people wearing jade on the left hand. Why? That is because it is closer to one’s heart, so it is said to help in improving blood circulation.

What does it signify if your jade bracelet breaks suddenly?

It is widely believed that wearing a jade will boost one’s positive energy. Besides that, it also absorbs negative energy from the surroundings or any persons they come in contact with.

When the jade jewelry broke suddenly, it is said that it has protected the owner to avert a misfortune or ill-fated events.

How to cleanse and re-energize the jade bracelet?

There are many ways to cleanse crystal and gemstones but for jade, you can just run it under the cold water to clean it. However, do not use any harsh chemical or detergent to avoid any damages to the jade.

What are the Benefits of Wearing a jade bracelet?

1. To improve your health condition

It is believed that wearing a jade bracelet that is in close contact with your skin helps to nourish and enhance your health. Beware of fake one that might cause harm to your body because of the chemical that has been used in the production. But don’t think of this gemstone as a magic stone that can cure all. Always engage a medical professional if you have any health issues.

2. A Shield For Protection 

It is said to guard you against the evil spirit and negative energy.

3. For fashion and beauty

Wearing jade portrait a feeling of elegance that made you stand out of the crowd. It is not only for the elderly but also for the youngster nowadays.

There is a popular saying “People raise the jade for three years, jade will benefit you lifetime”. Jade bracelet is a perfect all purpose lucky charm to own for yourself.



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