Orgonite comes in different shapes and forms. It can be heart, cone, round shaped, but the most popular and highly sought-after is the pyramid. Orgonite crystal comprises a mixture of metal, semi-precious gemstone and different natural quartz crystals held together by the resin. It works as a filter that helps to cleanse the negative energy of the environment and converting into a positive one.

What are the benefits of Orgonite Crystal?

It has strong protective and healing properties. That’s why it is commonly used to improve our emotional and physical wellness, together with removing negative energy. Here is the list of benefits:

– Promote better sleep quality

– Raise your energy level

– Remove negativity from a specific area of the house

– Build higher resistance to illness with strong immune system

– Encouraging spiritual growth and is widely used in mediation

– Minimise sensitivity to EMF

Orgonite Crystal Uses and Feng Shui Placement 

Place them in areas of stagnant energy

Are you always feeling stuck and restless? Orgonite is typically used to raise the positive energy in your home, while balancing the flow inside it. You can place it strategically at the certain areas of the house that make you feel lethargic and energy drained.

Near to Electrical Appliance to Mitigate EMF and negative vibes

In our modern world of technology, we have been constantly in contact with electrical devices that are emitted EMF. It can generate chaotic energy and is harmful to people’s health.

You can position the Orgonite crystal at locations that are populated with devices like laptops, mobile phones, tv, refrigerator etc. Ensure that the Orgonites are placed evenly around the house for maximum effectiveness and do not over-clutter.

Bedside tables in your bedroom

Place the Orgonite near to your bed, for example, the bedside table. It helps to nourish your energy and improve the sleep quality. It also helps to protect immunity against illness.

It is also important to take good care of the Orgonite with regular cleansing. You can bath it in vibration sounds of the singing bowl and tuning forks. Besides that, it is also important to avoid placing them in areas that are exposed to harsh weather.



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