There are many symbols that have auspicious meanings behind them in the Chinese culture. It can be related to wealth, heath and many others that you can think of. If you are looking for a representation of social status, authority and reputation, the Chinese fan will be the perfect choice with symbolism of fame.

This handheld and foldable fan has lost its main function of reducing heat with the replacement of modern electrical appliances like standing/ ceiling fans and air con. This exquisite fan has now become a home decor to add an oriental look and feel to the overall atmosphere. Besides adding beauty to the living space, it also has some auspicious symbolism related to Feng Shui.

Chinese Fan Correct Placement For Good Feng Shui 

1. Always Display Open Fan

It should always be in the open mode, instead of closed because it symbolises welcome good reputation and good luck. If you hang a closed fan, it is believed to obstruct wealth, luck and opportunities loss.

2. Hang it in the Right Direction

The fan must not be hanged in a downwards direction as it is believed to be inauspicious at this angle.

3. Act as a Feng Shui Cure for certain situation

If your space has dead ends or long and narrow passages, displaying this Chinese fan can act as a cure to to create good chi around there.

4. Placement Depends on Artwork

It usually has a painting or calligraphy words painted on the surface of the fan. The type of artwork will determine where the fan should be located.

For example, if it has the famous 8 horses galloping, it is good to be displayed in the living room and not the bedroom. If it conveys Chinese poems, it is best to be positioned at the academic sectors.

5. General Placement

In general, the fan can be placed in the living room or study room as a symbol of royalty and authority

6. Color Does Matter

It is good to avoid a full black color fan as a display. It symbolise negative energy that might not be favorable to the house. Red is a better choice as it is regarded as an auspicious color.

After understanding the fan symbolism, hope you have a better idea on adding this symbol in your house.



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