When people are seeking for places that can increase their odds of getting pregnant, most people will probably just think about the gynecologist specialist office, instead of their own home. Beside looking for the underlying medical reasons that might affect the fertility, a house audit might be required too to check if your house support conception.

For the view of Feng Shui, infertility might be caused by the blocked or negative energy or chi in the house. The objective of practicing this ancient Chinese art is to have a balance of the energy to enhance the heath and well-being of the occupants of the house. By following these few simple Feng Shui fixes or cures, you can now create a home that encourages good energy and increasing your “conception luck”. Here are the things to take care.

1. Check for Blockage of Energy Flow

Firstly, you might want to take a look around your house to check if there is any blockages that affects the circulation of energy in your home that might cause you not getting pregnant.

What are some of the blockages? Check if your house is highly cluttered or lacking of fresh air and also if there is any obstructions in the way of the front door, for example trees, lamp post or etc. Ensure that there is no ceiling fans or heavy lights being installed over your bed.

All of these situations symbolize blockages that reduce the full amount of energy that you should be receiving. So you should start to de-clutter and ensure great flow of energies in your house to improve your fertility with Feng Shui.

Big comfortable white bed with grey suede headboard

2. Your bed plays an important role too

Pay attention to your bed and make sure that no sharp pointed edges, for example corner of the furniture or wall are facing  your bed. Next, electronic devices that causes interferences should never be placed near your bed too. Last but not least, it is recommended not to have mirror installed in your bedroom. You should also keep the area under your bed clear and clutter free.

3. Place symbol in your bedroom that represent fertility

You might consider hanging a pair of lovely elephant figurine in your bedroom because elephants have been considered a fertility symbol for years. Beside this, you can also place a pair of pomegranates as they are the symbol of fertility.

4. Avoid Red in your bedroom

The color of red is one that you should totally remove from your bedroom as it is a hot color and will drain baby energy off from the room rapidly. Similarly anything that are related to fire or fire itself is a big NO in your bedroom as it melts down any activity in the bedroom.

While you may be tempted to use all the above Feng Shui tips to enhance your fertility luck, do bear in mind that balance is the key to the application of Feng Shui, so select those which you feel comfortable with.



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