Do you realised that the smallest daily habit of yours can cause your wealth luck to go down the drain unknowingly? Here are 10 habits that can cause poor wealth Feng Shui, are you guilty of any of them?

1. Keeping small change does matter 

People tends to belittle any amount that is less than one dollar and will just ask the seller to keep the change, so unknowingly you are giving your wealth luck to the other party. Keep every change because they are valuable and most importantly they are yours. (you might be labelled as miser but why care if you are growing your wealth luck.

2. Pick up any small changes

If you dropped any small changes on the floor or even in the drain, you must pick it out to show your appreciation.

3. Money is everywhere in the house

Some people just like to habitually place their money all around the house, for example, on the dining table, tucked in the sofa and etc. If you have his habit, it is time to change because it symbolize disperse of wealth

4. Check your pocket before washing 

Some of us tends to clear our pockets before throwing into the washing machine. It is a bad habit because in the long run, it symbolize washing your wealth clean and empty.

5. Placing your safe in the correct location 

In Feng Shui, people like to put safe in their house but it can only be activated by placing in an auspicious place. If your safe is in an inauspicious location, it might bring even bad luck.

6. Do not leave names 

If you like to write names on your money, then it is time to stop, because your wealth luck will go away too.

7. Take care of your torn dollar 

If you have a torn dollar, make an effort to go to the bank and exchange for a new one. Do not place it at home, throw it or even give to people. If this is the way to treat your money, think of the consequences.

8. Using money as art 

Dollars and coins are sometimes used as art (sticking them on the wall, burn them) and this is definitely a bad move. This is disrespect of your wealth luck and it will lead you to poverty.

9. Scattering of money

There was once a company that runs a marketing campaign that toss money out of the windows down the building and now it has gone bankrupt, so bear this in mind.

10. Choosing the right wallet does matter 

You can read this article to know more about Wallet and Purse Feng Shui – 8 Tips to Feng Shui Your Wallet to be the Magnet of wealth

In conclusion, you must respect and value any amount of money that you have so that they will respect you too.

Are you guilty of any of these money habits?



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