Displaying orchids at home adds beauty to the living space and improves the house’s Feng Shui. But before rushing to grab one from the nursery, let’s learn the orchids symbolism and things to pay attention to placement at home.

What does the Orchid Plant Symbolise?

In some Feng Shui practices or Chinese beliefs, the orchid is closely associated with energy to improve family and fertility luck. Besides that, you can also choose the plant’s colour based on your intention and aspiration.

What are The Symbolic Meaning Behind Each Color?

Violet purple orchid is the most auspicious, beneficial colour. It is said to bring opportunities and success to careers and businesses. Besides that, it also creates a harmonious atmosphere to increase family luck when placed in the living room.

Green orchids bring good fortune and blessings to the household. They also signify good health and longevity.

Red/pink orchids represent passion and love, so if you seek romance, place it in the love sector of your house.

How to Place Orchids in the Right Way For Good Luck?

Good Placement

1. Orchids signify harmony and relationship luck. Based on eight mansions Feng Shui, you should place the orchids in the Yen Nian area of the house to enhance the feminine energy with its intention

2. Plant and flower typically represent wood elements, so it is appropriate to place an orchid in the east sector that belongs to the wood.

Bad Placement

1. Avoid placing it in dark area

No plants should be in a dark space without either natural or artificial lighting. Real plants require light to grow, but it is impossible to achieve that in dark places. After a while, the plant will wither and create stagnant energy that is bad for house Feng Shui.

2. Do not place it in your bedroom

Many people debate on placing plants and flowers in the bedroom. In Feng Shui, plants represent yang and produce masculine energy that is not suitable in a bedroom that needs yin energy. Furthermore, this situation might affect your sleep quality and harm your health.

Can I put artificial orchid plant at home?

Fake plants are typically not recommended at home because they attract undesirable relationships. However, if you like to place one at home, it might hold the symbolism but does not encourage the energy of the wood element.

In conclusion, orchids are a great addition to the house with great symbolism and Feng Shui’s use, but always remember to take good care of it.



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