In Feng Shui, many animal symbols have specified significance and use at home or office, such as the money frog for wealth luck, mandarin ducks for romance luck, carp for good fortune, and many others. So in this article, we will cover another famous symbol: the Feng Shui Elephant.

In many Asian countries or cultures, an elephant is one of the most auspicious sacred symbols that you can place in your home. It represents good fortune, good luck, fertility, longevity, wisdom, strength, success, and many more.

Besides that, the Chinese pronunciation of the elephant is “Hsiang – 象”, which means good income, prosperity and abundance, so it is auspicious to be positioned both at home and in your workspace.

What is the Meaning of Feng Shui Elephant Trunks Up or Down?

Those with trunks facing upwards represent prosperity, good luck and success. Whereas, those elephants with their trunks pointing downward symbolise longevity and fertility.

How To Place The Feng Shui Elephant Based on Your Intentions?

1. Good Luck and Protection

You can position an elephant statue of a figurine or a pair at your house’s main front door to bring good luck, protection and stability to the family. However, people believed that the trunk’s position has different meanings in most Feng Shui practices.

2. Romance and Fertility

Married couples who desire a child can place the elephant statues in their bedroom because they symbolise fertility or conception, especially with a mother and baby elephant statue or choose an elephant with an intertwined trunk or trunk facing down.

3. Wisdom and Academic Success

If you pursue academic success or have children still studying, Feng Shui elephants can be placed on the study desk to encourage wisdom and knowledge.

4. Do Not Place It in Certain Areas

Avoid placing a Feng Shui Elephant around locations like a bathroom or a kitchen. Besides that, please treat it with respect and do not put it on the floor.

5. Bonding

If you want to strengthen the bond between the parents, especially mum and the children, you can use an elephant featured with her babies elephants to symbolise love and union.



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