Feng shui is all about channel in the positive energy and fend off the negative energy. When coming office cubicle Feng Shui, you might face difficulties in creating a good one. That is because you cannot influence or take charge of many things. Some examples that you cannot control are the facing direction of your cubicle, or your neighbour sitting next to you.

Nevertheless, check out the tips below to apply good Feng Shui in areas under your control and bring good luck to you.

Must Learn Office Cubicle Feng Shui Tips

1. Settle yourself in the “Commanding Position” – you should have the complete view of the entrance to your cubicle while working. Do not position yourself back facing the walkway because it give you a feeling of insecurity and symbolically attracting backstabber and competition from colleagues.

2. Be like Marie Kondo – Clear the mess and clutter away from your work space. In the Feng Shui principle, clutter represent stagnant and negative energy that delayed your decision, making it hard for you to advance in your career. After clearing, Ask yourself if it sparks joy. 

3. Bring the nature to your space – Most cubicle-dweller does not sit near a window, so it is good to include a good luck living plant in your cubicle to connect you with the nature.

Beside that, plants also help to resolve any negative electromagnetic energy if there is any and also purify the air. Plants that are suitable in an office space include Peace lily and lucky bamboo.

4. Keep your cubicle bright with natural light – If you are given a seat with such a great view, congratulations but this does not apply to all people.

Don’t worry if your work space does not permit natural light, you can choose to bring in alternative light sources like a small lamp or himalayan salt lamp.

5. Avoid “poison arrows” – Most of the time, it is inevitable to avoid such situation. In an office setup, there are many fixed fixtures and structures, like pillar, metal cabinet / shelves, storage units that might has sharp corner pointing directly at you.

In such scenario, you can mitigate these sha qi with living plants and faceted crystal balls or a crystal ball to block the line of sight from the sharp corner.

Follow these Office Cubicle Feng Shui tips and you should find that your office space will be more productive and enjoyable place to work in.



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