Have you ever seen or heard about the fox Feng Shui cure that can help to boost your love luck with your romantic partner? People believed this fox symbolises the fox deity that can promote good love relationships and protect against bad ones. Besides that, you can use this symbol as a potent love cure. The fox symbol can help to boost fidelity between those in a relationship or married couple.

There are a variety of such symbols, but the most popular one is the nine-tailed fox. Based on Chinese legends, it is a fox spirit that turns into human form when they reach 100 years old. They have a terrible reputation for seducing other’s husbands, but some think otherwise. They believed that this fox symbol could help guard and enhance their love relationship. Let’s explore how you can use this symbol.

How to Use Fox Symbol in Feng Shui?

People use the fox symbol in personal jewellery and accessories attached to bracelets or necklaces. It comes with various materials and colours with different significance and meanings.

Rose quartz – This pink crystal is well known as the love stone. It can enhance the relationship between the opposite gender. Besides boosting romance luck, it also helps build a harmonious interpersonal relationship with your customers, colleagues, and superior.

Citrine Crystal – It helps to increase wealth luck.

Purple Amethyst / Clear Quartz – It is perfect for couples as it helps to protect against infidelity and improve romance luck.

Black Obsidian – To protect against the evil intention.

– Sometimes, fox lovers hang paintings of this animal on the wall to add beauty to the interior design of their home.
Remember to practice the fundamental guidelines of hanging animal paintings in your home. They should not be positioned in the front door, kitchen, or bedroom.

– Based on the eight mansion theory, you can consider placing the fox symbol in the Yen Nian sector to enhance the love relationship luck.

Believe it or not, it still boils down to an individual’s belief and liking.



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